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A Lucky 7's Ritual Attract Abundance

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Attract Abundance Set
This ritual is designed to get you out of thinking about money from a negative, state of lack perspective, and into thinking about money with the playful enthusiasm that you used to. And the great thing is, you don’t need much to perform this ritual. It really feels more like a game, than a ritual. All you need is eight $1 bills that have a 7 as their Federal Reserve number.  Once you’ve managed to collect eight of these, give one to a friend, so that they can begin the game for themselves!

What you’ll need for your Lucky 7’s Ritual:

    8 $1 bills with the number 7 as their Federal Reserve number
    1 small quartz crystal point or Clear quartz stone
    1 aventurine stone
    1 pyrite stone
Clear Quartz: Manifestation, Gaining Clarity
Aventurine: Good Luck, Manifestation, Optimistic
Pyrite: attracting wealth, success, protection

Lucky 7’s Ritual Steps:
Start by looking in your wallet for $1 bills with 7 as their Federal Reserve District number.You’ll need to collect these organically over time. Don’t go to the bank and force a teller to scour through bills until they can find all eight. Instead, anytime you get change back, and there’s a $1 bill, check the face of the dollar for a 7. Have fun with this! There’s no time limit.
    Part of the secret to attracting money is sharing it with others. Once you have collected your eight bills, give one away to a friend so they can begin their own “game.”
    Now, you’re left with 7 bills. It’s important to keep your seven bills together at all times. Place the bills somewhere they can remain undisturbed with the crystals on top to enhance their energy.Leave them undisturbed for at least 7 days.

That doesn’t mean your lucky 7’s ritual has to stop after seven days. In fact, crystal expert, Heather Askinosie, who created this ritual for her book Crystal Muse, keeps the seven bills together in her wallet to continue feeling abundant at all times. She even keeps an eye out for more $1 bills with 7s on them, so that she can give them to friends.

Remember, the whole point of this ritual is to have fun with your money, without even needing to spend it. This helps to shift your perspective, and in time, your energy. You’ll be surprised how hard it is to collect all 8. But once you do, you’ll feel SO abundant to finally have them!