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Dog Blood Bush Herbs (fertility Bush)-Rivina Humilis

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What you will receive is a combination of leaves and stems, not leaves only.

Dog Blood Bush: (Rivina Humilis), also called pigeonberry, blood berry, rouge plant, baby pepper, coralito and fertility bush, is a species of flowering plant in the family Petiveriaceae. Very commonly used and found in the Caribbean, Central America, and tropical South America.

The Dog Blood bush is a powerful and potent womb healer that support female reproductive health and fertility, and is traditionally used to help flush the female reproductive system and aid hormone balance.

Dog blood is also useful in treating headaches, inflammation of the stomach, inflamed joints and other areas of the body which may be inflamed. The herb may also be used as herbal bath and this can also treat the skin ailments as well.

How to use for Infertility Concerns: You can consume one cup of Dog Blood Bush per day for at least one month but for women with fertility problems, you would need to drink a cup starting 3 days before your period is due. Then drink the tea for 7 consecutive days.

Benefits of Dog Blood Bush:
Female Reproductive Health
Blocked Fallopian Tubes
Ovarian Cysts
Yeast Infections

Other Benefits: It may be used to treat wounds, bruises and cuts. This may be done by making a tea from the leaves and then used it to wash the wounds, bruises and cuts and any other skin ailments. The tea may also be used as herbal bath and this can also treat the skin ailments as well.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: I am not a Medical Doctor and this product has not been evaluated by the FDA. All information is for educational purposes, and offered to you at your own risk.