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Florida Water Cologne 7.5oz Agua Florida Colonia

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Enhance cleansings: Add to spiritual baths to enhance spiritual cleansings.

Protection cologne: Wear as a cologne for a protective shield that leaves a delicate scent.

Repel negativity: Mist in the environment to repel negative energy and negative spirits.

Attract good spirits: Mist in the environment to attract good spirits.

Add to floor washes: Add to floor washes for its cleansing and blessing properties.

Use as an offering: Place a bottle on your altar as an offering to the Spirits.

Wash lodestones: Use to wash a pair of lodestones in preparation for use.

Ancestral offering: Add a few drops to a bowl of water and place on your ancestral altar as an offering to your ancestors.

Prevent nightmares: Launder bed sheets with 1 cup of Florida Water to remove negative energy and attract benevolent spirits and protection.

As an astringent: Use as an astringent and skin lotion to tone the skin, leaving it with a feeling of freshness.

Rubdown for the infirm: As a rubdown for the sick, Florida Water has a beneficial, stimulating effect similar to alcohol rubs but much more pleasant due to its aromatherapeutic qualities.

Relief from insect bites: Applied to insect bites it provides some relief.

Anti-anxiety relief: For high anxiety it can be applied to the forehead and used as a rubdown, providing some relief for nervous tension.

Cleanse and bless candles: Use to cleanse and bless candles prior to use (be sure the candles are completely dry before lighting). *CAUTION: Florida Water is highly flammable. Use extreme caution when working with it.

Cleanse ritual tools: Use to wipe down altars and altar items to keep free from negative energy.

Spirit communication: Pour a little in a cast iron pot or cauldron and light it to aid in spirit communication through fire.

Energize money works: Pour a little in a cast iron pot or cauldron and light it, then place your hands over the flames warming them before engaging in money drawing activities like working and gambling.

Holy water: Pray the 23rd Psalm over it and use in place of Holy Water.

Spirit receptivity: Periodically spray a little on your altar to keep it receptive to the spirits.

Dream work: Place some in a crystal bowl with spring water next to your bed for prophetic dreams.

Attraction spray: Combine basil and patchouli essential oils, Florida water and a lodestone to a spray bottle for a wonderful attraction spray.

Foot bath: Use in foot washings by adding to a tub of water, washing the feet with the Florida water enhanced foot bath, then anointing the feet with rose oil while praying the 23rd Psalm.

Hair rinse: Add to rinse water after shampooing to clear the head of heavy thoughts.

Face spritz: Keep in a spray bottle in the refrigerator for a rejuvenating face spritz during the hot days of summer.

Doll Baby Baptism: Use to baptize doll babies by sprinkling on the doll’s head.

Laundry rinse: Add a quarter cup to your laundry rinse water to both cleanse and bless your clothes.

Scrying jar: Pour 1/2 Florida Water into a jar half filled with river water and use for divination.

Pendulum rinse: Use to rinse pendulums after readings to clear and prepare them for subsequent readings.

Bless animal companions: Anoint your furry friend’s foreheads with just a dab to bless them.

St. Francis blessing: Take it a step further by rinsing a St. Francis medal with Florida Water and add the medal to your pet’s collar or hang from an aquarium or bird cage for protection and good health.