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Organic Yoni (Vaginal) Steams (loose herbs)

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2~3 steams

Benefits of Yoni steaming:
Yoni steams can help with long periods, cramping, fibrosis, digestive conditions, infertility, stomach ulcers, stress, vaginal infections and much more.

Helps tone, detoxify and strengthen the uterus. Increases vaginal wetness

You should sit and steam for about 20-30 minutes depending on how hot the steam is or how sensitive it is for you. We recommend to sit as long as possible. You can feel result instantly within that time frame. The steaming also create a wonderful aroma before intimacy.

How do I use this/ Directions:
Add about a 1/3 cup of your chosen herbs to a basin of hot water.

Let the herbs steep for at least a minute.

Remove your clothes from the waist down.

Stand or squat directly over the basin. Some people prefer to place the basin in the toilet and then sit on the toilet.

Wrap a towel around your waist and legs to prevent the steam from escaping.

The average steam session lasts between 20 and 60 minutes. Depending on how hot the water is, the steam may cool sooner

What are the ingredients?
Marigold (calendula)
Orange peel

Ingredient Benefits?
Marigold: Aids in relief for Vaginal infections, rashes, menstral pain and inflammation.

Chamomile: Aids in relief for stress, anxiety, sore muscles, menstruation pain and sleep.

Lavender: Aides in relief for muscle pain, soreness, stress, anxiety, antibacterial, reduces inflammation.

Oregano: Aides in relief for fighting bacteria, digestive conditions, high in antioxidants, and reduces inflammation.

Orange Peel: Aides in relief for inflammation, and has anti-cancer properties.

Roses: aides in relief for stress, vaginal infections, promotes PH balance and improves mood.

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Avoid Yoni Steams if:
You are pregnant or think you may be pregnant.
If you are bleeding.
If you have an IUD.

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